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About Us

PERFECT ELEKTRO MEK PAKISTAN (Pvt.) LIMITED (PEMPAK) was established in 2000 AD as a manufacturer of complete range of SWITCHGEARS & CONTROLGEARS. A team of professional' joined hands to meet with the market needs of the discipline and to the challenges of new millennium. All efforts made here are focused on the perfection of equipment and clients' convenience. 

PEMPAK is fully equipped with the requisite potential to proceed the business and to comply with International standards in local environment. The electric industry has gone through a complete transformation, benefits of the same can be shared by your company but you need some one to help you. So we are here to help you because customer service is the most effective service we provide, and the most enjoyable thing we do.

PEMPAK growth, despite recent tough times in the energy sector has been fueled by our hard working employees and their shared beliefs of achieving excellence in every thing they do, in corporate responsibility, and in maintaining a welcoming culture that spilliover into how we deal our customers.

PEMPAK have enjoyed winning the business of our current customers, and have learned a lot from them in process. They have challenged us to become who we are today, and we look forward to find creative solutions with them in the future. Whether you are a current customer or not, we always benefit from feedback, and welcome any comments you may have.

Corporate Vision :

mly believes that perfection in system leads towards increased system efficiency resulting into the reliable output, safe working atmosphere and motivated staff.

Corporate Objectives :

PEMPAK will fashion the culture of system perfection by creating awareness of preventive maintenance, human safety in working and utilization of human resource to the optimum level with the application of latest technologies in the profession.

Corporate Quality Policy:

PEMPAK is committed to provide PERFECT solutions to the Electro Mechanical problems of the clients at their convenience and quality expectations.

Corporate Management System:

PEMPAK has established certified Quality Management System BS/EN/ISO-9001-2000
The Scope of ISO-9001-2000 includes "Provision Services, Manufacture and Repair with Electo Mechanical discipline including Re-Engineering and Design Capabilities"

Customer Policy:

PEMPAK believe in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) turning the business transaction into a Business relationship. All activities conceded here are as per Customer's Specifications & requirement.
The Customer's delight is essence of all activities carried out at PEMPAK.

Registration & Recognization :

PEMPAK is being recognized and registered with all the leading institutions of the country. This includes WAPDA, ENC, MES, PAEC, PAF, WASA's, C&W, Fauji Foundation and many other
Autonomous bodies, and prestigious private and public organizations of Pakistan.